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What are Strategy Sessions

Alluvion’s strategy sessions are a great way to explore a business concept before you invest money on its implementation.

These sessions are perfect for start-up entrepreneurs who want an objective viewpoint of their current circumstances. This process generates the information necessary for a realistic assessment of options – whether to continue investing in the business or whether time should be called.

It’s also a useful exercise for established businesses to have an objective, critical observer analyse current and future business strategies.


To get the most out of an Alluvion strategy session, you’ll need to provide your coach with your financials (if available), a summary of your business plan and market research.

You should allow approximately two hours for your strategy session.

Alluvion Business Plan
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How to get started

Phone or email us to chat about your idea and the outcomes you’re seeking to achieve.

Please be as clear and specific as possible because this will ensure you get the best value out of the strategy session.

Following our initial chat, we will book you in for your strategy session with one of our senior business coaches.