Business coaching is a process used to take a business from where it is now to where you want to be. By creating actionable plans, your business coach will guide you in running your business, by helping you clarify your vision and how it fits in with your personal goals.


Methodically unlocking your potential to maximise your performance and develop you into a leader; guiding you to increase your emotional intelligence; and enabling you to hit your numbers every time.


Stress testing a promising concept or start-up, giving it the ‘Go’ /’No go’ from an experienced business coach. If it’s a ‘Go’, then providing it the focus and direction, it needs to prosper and grow.

The Alluvion Process How it Works

Once you’ve decided that Alluvion can help, our business coaches will do a ‘deep dive’ into the operation of your business, diagnosing problems and recommending practical course of remedial action and plan for growth.

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Stage One Deep Dive

Alluvion’s business strategists will assess and diagnose your company’s operational and structural problems, including:

  • ineffective business growth strategies
  • deficient cash-flow management
  • faulty employee recruitment and retention practices
  • inefficient inventory management and invoicing systems
  • sub-optimal customer service practices
  • unhealthy owner work-life balance
  • unsound succession planning

This deep dive process involves both hard data analysis – sales, financial, HR, maintenance and operating costs. We need to have a close look at your business numbers because, if we can’t measure it, we can’t manage it. This way we can see what’s working well and what isn’t, so we can focus our attention accordingly.

But there’s more to this than just spreadsheets, and the Alluvion deep dive process includes inter-personal conversations with staff, suppliers and clients.

Stage Two Remediation Plan

Once Alluvion’s business coaches have diagnosed the operational and structural challenges that impede your company’s growth, we generate a remediation plan with measurable milestones and progress indicators.

We begin by explaining our findings in clear and jargon-free language. Then we highlight the skillsets you’ll need to address them.

The next step is working in close conjunction with you to produce a mutually acceptable common-sense practical plan that includes:

  • streamlining processes and systems to maximise consistency and interactivity while eliminating unnecessary duplication
  • refining company structure to ensure that employee roles meet business needs
  • optimising HR practises to improve talent acquisition and valued employee retention
  • promoting an operating environment that rewards employee initiative and creativity
  • adapting/adopting state-of-the-art automated IT architectures that enhance invoicing, payments, inventory management, operations and HR
  • identifying new clients and markets and developing a strategy to enter and win both
  • improving executive team work/life balance

preparing your business for an eventual exit (sale), intergeneration or simply bringing in a management team that will enable you to step back from day-to-day operations

Stage Three Implementation

Once a remediation plan has been agreed, we move into the implementation stage of the Alluvion business coaching process.

This entails weekly or fortnightly coaching sessions in-person or via Zoom to:

  • assess effectiveness of new procedures and structures, suggesting adjustments and changes where needed
  • monitoring the efficiency of corporate teams and leaders
  • quarterly goal-setting for:
    • sales
    • marketing
    • finance
    • talent acquisition, retention and training
    • systems and operations
    • leadership and personal development

Your Alluvion business coach will continue to work on business strategies outside these scheduled coaching sessions and will be available for informal chats by telephone or over a cup of coffee.

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The Goal

As the Alluvion business coaching process is designed to build a relationship of client trust in which your coach becomes your confidant, your advisor and your friend.

The process can be dynamic, in that by helping you to achieve initial goals, the Alluvion process reveals new strategic objectives that then become achievable.

At Alluvion we take pride in, not so much what we do, but what our clients are able to achieve with our help. 

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beautiful advisor and handsome investor shaking hands at workplace