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What is Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a partnership between a coach and a business executive, based on trust and confidentiality. The concept is to develop an executive’s leadership abilities and help them achieve their business unit’s strategic outcomes.

Work will also be based on fulfilling their life/work balance. Coaching sessions work on a one-on-one basis, focused on achieving personal and professional goals.

Sessions can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly, depending on the pace you wish to proceed, and will be conducted via Zoom or face-to-face if mutually convenient.

Why you need an Executive Coach

You’ve probably got a desire and drive for self-improvement and have been identified as someone who is going somewhere (or you may have hit a ceiling and need some objectivity).

So, what you need is some practical guidance to help you grow and develop
into a highly productive and effective leader who always hits their goals. Some of the things you will likely want to work on will include:


  • Improved leadership abilities.
  • Better people management.
  • Confident hiring skills.
  • Better delegation abilities and outcomes.
  • Ability to empower, enthuse, train, retain and motivate your team.
  • Heightened self-awareness and improved self-regulation.
  • Higher levels of empathy.
  • Boost in cognition at work.
  • Increased levels of motivation.
  • Better social skills.
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How to get started

Reach out to us and book a meeting to discuss your circumstance and the outcomes you wish to achieve. We will select a coach who we believe will be best to work with you, but an initial meeting will make sure that the dynamics between coach and you will work, so as to insure the best outcomes throughout the engagement.

If we are all happy to proceed, you will then start with a DISC assessment to understand your preferred behavioural profile to deal with challenges, your ability to persuade others to your way of thinking, your ability to deal with the pace of work and your preference to sticking to the rules.

We will also go through a 360-degree assessment of your leadership abilities, which will identify areas to work on and improve.

Based on the results of the DISC and 360 degree assessments, we will incorporate your own desired goals and preferences and then put together a series 90 Day plans to achieve desired outcomes.